Saturday, November 20, 2021

Virtual Turkey Burn

Get out your "Nearly Favorite Bike" and ride!
 My Dear Readers,

You should be thanked again and again for reading the blog. You really don't have to, you know, so I do appreciate you all. However; I must ask that you be careful for what you wish for, because sometimes a wacky idea which you present to me gets turned into a 'real' thing here. Such is the case concerning a comment made last week by "Unknown" in the comments on Thursday's post about my Standard Rando v2.  

The idea was that perhaps I could call for a 'virtual' ride to be done on your bike which you have maybe left out of your plans more than you might like over the past, oh I don't know.....year? Last few years? Whatever. You don't necessarily even have to do this on a 'forlorn, forgotten bike'. It could be your favorite one. No matter. Here's the deal......

I propose a "Virtual Turkey Burn Century". Here are the parameters for participation:

  1. Pick a bike. As stated, the more 'forlorn, forgotten, and neglected' of your choices, all the better. But also- Run what ya brung. If you want to use your favorite, most used bike- go for it. 
  2. Ride a "century". Metric or full-on hundy, I don't care. Pavement, single track, gravel, back alleys, whatever. You decide. 
  3. Take a picture. Take several if you want to. Digital works best for this.
  4. Send me your pic and a few words with a name I can credit to. 
  5. Do this between Thursday, November 25th to Sunday November 28th. (Thanksgiving 'weekend' in the USA) You can do a century over several days even- if you want to. Whatever.
  6. Send in your pics and words to by Tuesday November 30th. I will put up a "Virtual Turkey Burn Report" Saturday December 4th showing off everyone's submissions. (That is, if there are any daring enough to actually do this deal.)

You can join in the fun or just come back to see if anyone actually did something and read about it here. I am committed to the idea, so there will be one report, at the least. What do you get as a participant? Just a fun activity and possibly an infamous reputation from having your images and words posted on Guitar Ted Productions. Sorry, but if you participate, thems the rearwards folks! This ain't no fancy-pants organization here. If you get laughed at by your peers for having your stuff show up here, well then, I am sorry, but I warned ya! 

Okay, that's the plan. Now..... GO!


teamdarb said...

Count me in. I will drag the version one COG bike out, which was left there in Grinnell. Craig was nice enough to keep it all this time, and shipped it to me a few months back.

Guitar Ted said...

@teamdarb - Cool! Craig is a good dude. Glad to know that you got the bike back.

Ben said...

Planning on in going to be great, in theory. Anyone interested can come check out the lovely B roads of northern Tama County that Sunday!

Guitar Ted said...

@Ben - Yeah, I saw that you have made an event out of it. Hope that you can get some folks out!

Ben said...

Well, I know that some folks have family Thanksgiving stuff going on that day, but if you want to come and ride, I'll buy you a beer or two afterwards. The least I could do for some of the learning I've picked up here at your blog over the years!

Guitar Ted said...

@Ben - That's a generous offer! I may just take you up on it if all works out for me.