Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday News and Veiws

Here's a helping of the latest on several of the happenings here at Guitar Ted Productions and Twenty Nine Inches:

Trans Iowa V3 Recon: The course recon continues tomorrow with what I hope is the final major trip before I can release some more details to all of you out there interested in such madness. Look for a report on road conditions and maybe a picture or two at the very least.

Bike Updates: I should have two bike review updates very soon on Twenty Nine Inches. One on the Dos Niner and one on the Raleigh XXIX+G. Both bikes have been getting some good rides in and that in itself is pretty amazing news, considering it's January in Iowa. Heck......the ground isn't even frozen! Maybe Iowa is turning into Missouri!

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo: Wow! This event is going to be really cool! We've got some major players in the 29"er market promising to show up with lots of demo bikes to ride. We've got a raffle for a new 29"er lined up, and possibly some other goofiness to pass on if it comes together. Of course, we have the awesome trails in Decorah, Iowa to roll on, so whatever happens, we'll at least all have fun riding bikes! I won't spill any more beans about the event, but suffice it to say that you will want to mark down the last full weekend in June as a time to be coming to Decorah to see this and ride with alot of like minded cyclists.

Frost Bike: Coming just around the corner is the dealer only show, Frost Bike, that is put on by distribution powerhouse Quality Bicycle Products. This is a really good show from the standpoint of getting to see and hear about upcoming new products of interest. I suspect that there will be several vendors there to show the wares, as in years past. Look for a report on that in late February.

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational: And last but probably even least......... GTDRI! This nutty long ride will again be taking place in July. I have already acertained a course that will have over twice the climbing the first edition had and be shorter in distance.'s not in North East Iowa! Nope! We're going to explore a different part of Iowa this time. More details to come after I recon that course later in the spring.

Allrighty then! Ya'all have a great weekend and ride your bikes in this balmy January weather! Who knows when the hammer will fall! Me? I'm recovering from the nasty, nasty head cold that has left me barely able to speak and weak since the New Years Day ride. Being sick = no fun for G-Ted! Late!

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