Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chocolate Chips!

Here they are! My Surly "Jim Brown" annodized hubs laced to a set of Velocity "Deep V" rims powdercoated in Chocolate Brown. The spokes are double butted front, driveside rear and ovalized 15 guage non driveside rear. I used the weird non-drive rear spokes because that's all we had at the shop that would work, and well, why not? Deep V rims are pretty burly, so you can get away with a lighter spoke anyway. Nipples are all alloy by the way.

Now I have a top secrect 29"er project in the works for these. Just into the very beginning phases of it, so no other details can be released as yet. Stay tuned!

You might remember the aside I made a couple days ago about another secret I couldn't really talk about. Again, it's not a 29"er. I saw a photo or two of the project, and let me say that it's awesome, mind blowing, and surreal! When this gets out, it's gonna be crazy! I can't wait to share it with you all.......................but I have to!

For now my Chocolate Chip wheels will have to do.

Hot chocolate, anyone?

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