Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good Timing or Bad?

This isn't the way I expected to start out the year. Sick! Yup...........that New Years Day ride made the cold I had then deepen, so Mrs. G-Ted, being a Registered Nurse and all, put me on notice that there would be no bike riding until I recovered! It's generally best that you listen to that sort of advice, so I took it reluctantly.

And here I am, eleven days into the New Year and I have ridden my bike once. Once! I am not happy, oh no! The thing is, I still haven't gotten over the whatever-it-is that I have. I keep getting congestion and my voice! I sound like a bad imitation of Reggie White. (Green Bay Packer referance, ya'all)

Do not pity me. No, I am getting better. Just veeeeerrry slowly. Plus I will have way more days riding the bike coming up. is winter and all, albeit a mild winter in which I could be riding. I hear that will all be taken care of here in a day or so when we get some cold Arctic air our way.

Just in time for my complete recovery, I'm sure!

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