Thursday, January 18, 2007

29"er News: New Bikes Spotted!

Here's something I hadn't been aware of until last night. A company called Vassago Cycles that is making 29"er frames and forks. They have a model,( The Jabberwocky pictured here) that is a singlespeed/geared frame set. Sort of another version of the Karate Monkey/Inbred type of 29"er. The Jabberwocky has track ends and a built in screw type chain tensioner on each dropout. It claims to have a no fuss rear wheel removal with a disc brake set up. The canti bosses are removeable, ala On One's Inbred. The color, as you can see, is an almost de riguer for 29"ers shade of green, but several powder coat options exist for an upgraded price. Speaking of the price, Vassago sells these direct for $379.99 for the frame only. A rigid fork is also listed on their web site. Another model that is geared only, The Bandersnatch, is also offered. The geometry appears to be a bit more towards the "MC/Western" side of things, but it's hard to tell since they didn't list fork info on the site.

Another long awaited bike, the Fisher Ferrous, appears to be available now as examples are popping up on's 29"er forum now. Details include a "fish skeleton" motif head badge and seat tube gusset. Of course, the Ferrous is another one of the "do-it-all" steel hardtails out there with an EBB to make it into a single speed, if you want it that way. I like the low key graphics and that blue color is pretty cool too. I just wish it was available as a frameset, with no cable guides for gears. (I like my single speeds pure ever since I saw the XXIX) But, it's still an awesome looking rig built out of True Temper OX Platinum steel, so it should ride quite nicely.

More cool 29"er stuff should be showing up real soon! Stay tuned!

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