Monday, January 01, 2007

Gravel Goo II: The Report

The day was great! I first want to appologize for not having any riding pictures. I am not licensed yet to handle expensive digital cameras in one hand while riding a bike with the other. Fortunately, Mr 24 is. Check out his report for that side of things. I didn't bust out my camera until the halfway point at Parkersburg. Here's Super Saul and Buchanandale getting ready to raid the shelves inside.

Here's the steed I rode. The Raleigh XXIX+G. (A bit modified, I might add) All 30lbs of her! It rode really well, but I've got a nasty klunk in the bottom bracket already. Grrrr! Outboard bearing technology isn't winning me over!

Other 29"ers were ridden too. The Dos Niner by Casey and the F-29 Cannondale by Mr. 24.

Casey letting us know that his Mom always told him to wash his hands after using the potty. Good on ya, mate!

Mr. 24 is a cheater! Ya gotta be quick to catch him though. Here I am using Buchanandale as a screen to catch Mr. 24 as he attempts to shotgun a Miller High Life tallboy! So, that's his secret carbohydrate replacement fluid, ehh?

After the ride, I had this monster raging inside of my gut! It wanted food.......NOW! I was bonking as we came back into town, so a nice big home cooked meal was in order. Mrs. G-Ted was happy to oblige and now I have this monster under control once again.

The ride was fun, but having a head cold and going out for a five hour ride was probably not the greatest thing to do. Especially since the last five plus hour ride I did was back...........way back in..........uhh, I forgot! It was a long time ago!

As it turned out, I am doing just fine now, as I said, after eating. So that's not an issue. Hopefully I didn't put off my getting over this cold a little longer! The pace was easy, the resistance was pretty high with the crunchy snow/ice early and the soft gravel later. My legs got a heck of a work out!

It was a great day for a ride and it was a fun way to start the year!

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