Monday, January 22, 2007

Cross Training

sub title: What Choice Do I Have?

With the recent snows, about all a guy can do is to give up and go do winter sporting activities. So, that's what I did. I XC skied Sunday and went sledding with my son Saturday.

Here's what some of my local trails look like now. Not too conducive to trail riding! (I don't own a Pugsley, but I wish I did!)

Here you can see the tracks on the left and the nearly frozen over Black Hawk Creek on your right. Just two weeks ago it was in the 50's out here, no snow, and it still looked like Fall.

The snow was a bit sticky, which added more resistance. Good for the workout!

An old school set of boards and wax would of killed it out there!

Temps were hovering around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, so it was pretty comfortable out in the woods.

It's funny now that we don't really have much for winters here in Iowa. This snow might last a couple of weeks, if we're lucky. Maybe it'll surprise us and last longer than that, but recent years say otherwise. So, I had to laugh when I saw a squadron of snowmobiles scrambling to action on Sunday, even though there is barely enough snow on the ground to merit such activity. The folks all know, it's probably now or never for snow related fun.

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