Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Trans Iowa Update: Cue Sheet/ Mileage Info

as posted on the Endurance Forum on mtbr.com. Also, check the Trans Iowa website.

New Info!

Well guys, after a long and arduous process, I have some figures for ya all ta chew on during your winter training. You all needed something to think about this winter, right?

I have compiled all the info from the separate recons and formulated the cue sheet info. It has been handed off to Jeff to format into it's final form. That should be done in a few days or so.The overall mileage for the big loop is 320.1 miles, give or take a few tenths. There are 9 miles of route that need to be rechecked to get a final hard number, but what's nine miles amongst friends?

There will be a "half way point", as in years past that will serve as the spot to get your second set of cue sheets, and for us to get a handle on who is in or out by then. Once again, there will be a time limit to get there, or you won't be able to secure your second set of sheets to continue. Same as always. Any questions so far?

As it worked out, the distance and time for the first "half" worked out as it has for the first two editions of the event. Distance to the "check in" is 127.9 miles, ( almost exactly the same distance it was to Algona!) So, it will be a 6 o'clock cut off time, just like in years past. The actual location of the "halfway" point is not going to be revealed, as it won't matter at all to anyone but the folks in the event, and you are on your own, self supported, no drop bags, no nuttin'! Yes, there is a convenience store "near" the check in, and that's all I'll say.

192.2 will be the remaining mileage to Decorah. Through the night, and until 3pm the following day is all you'll have to finish the event in. Crunch the numbers any way you'd like, but this is a hard and fast parameter. Convenience stores will be sprinkled through out the route. Some closely spaced, and depending on one cities convenience store opening time on Sunday, there could be as long as an 80 plus mile slog between stops. Prepare for the worst!

We will have the special race preems figured out later, but let me say this. Whoever gets them will have to earn them! Okay, pretty standard T.I. stuff, but you newbies may have some questions. Fire away!

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