Saturday, January 20, 2007

Slow Saturday

Taking a look around, it would seem that not much is going on around the internet/ biking world. Well, not much if you are a mountain biker. Road cycling continues in it's morass of accusations, goofy statements, and pointing of fingers. If there is a Tour de France, it'll be the most watered down laughingstock of a race ever. I doubt I'll even pay any attention to it, quite honestly.

So, I took the boy out to sled today. Must have walked up that slippery dike about a dozen times or more. Good work out as my legs were feeling it later in the day. Now I'm hearing that we'll get even more snow tonight. Great! More leg workouts are in my future.

Cross country skiing should factor in there too. I haven't been out yet this year, but a couple of good weeks of skiing should gain me back alot of the fitness I lost during my sickness. Which, by the way, didn't seem to be alot, judging from my last couple of commutes. They have been necessarily longer and slower due to the recent snow. Works out just fine.

Got the Velocity Blunt wheelset hooked up on the Raleigh. Mrs. G-Ted said it makes it look like a racer. Too bad they don't make me look like a racer! Ha! Dropped close to half a pound off of the bike. Now to get about half a ton off of the rider! Then we'll have something to work with!

So, that's about it here in cold and snowy Iowa. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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