Monday, January 01, 2007

Ride Your Bike In 2007...Whatever It Is!

Yeah, yeah! Happy New Year, yada, yada...... I'm sure we're all getting pretty tired of that by this point. The whole Holiday season pretty much gets swept up and thrown into the trash after today, so what do we have to look forward to?

Well, for cyclists, it's time to really buckle down and start thinking training with no distractions, prepping the equipment, going over the event calendars, and looking forwards to that first warm sunny day of riding in 2007.

For me all of those things apply plus the other events I'm involved in directly or covering for Twenty Nine Inches. I'm looking at the stories that might develope over the course of the year and keeping my ears and eyes open as ever. And of course, there is my opinions on things, which seems to still be ruffling feathers out there in the world wide web-land.

I find it almost amusing....almost, that some folks get all worked into a lather when I espouse my opinions on certain cycling related things. Of course the most inflammatory, (it would seem by the reactions I get) opinion I have is that of these mountain bikes with 26 inch rear wheels and 29 inch front wheels that nobody can seem to agree on a name for. I won't get into that here, but suffice it to say that I think the concept is goofy. This is all some folks seem to need as a provocation to fire up their "digital Howitzer" and start blazing away. Amazing!

The thing is, we're talking about bicycles. That's the number one thing that I hope we can keep in focus during 2007. Ride your bike. Simple. Whatever bike you choose, a 29"er, a traditional mountain bike, roadie, fixie, singled out, or recumbent. Riding bicycles is what really matters. To be expending energy spitting bullets over my, (or anybody elses) opinion on your favorite bike style is probably giving to much time and energy to something that really doesn't matter that much. That's my opinion.

So, does anything I have to say really matter that much? Well, to the end that my posts might make someones cycling experience better, then yes. My feedback would indicate that this is happening from time to time.

That said, whatever you choose to ride in the world of bicycles, it's good. Ride it, then ride it some more. Pile on the miles in 2007. Get healthier. Save energy. Have fun.

See you out on the trail somewhere...............

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