Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday News and Veiws

I just recieved another cool wheel set for testing............but I can't say anything yet! Part of the way things will be this year. I have to wait for the company to send me a couple product details and then I can post the story on Twenty Nine Inches first. That site is going to take priority on the 29 inch news more and more this year. I'll still be posting 29 inch stuff here, but not until after I post it there. That's a paying gig............this one isn't!

Anyway, look for more on the wheels very soon on this site. Probably later today or tomorrow.

Ergon grips have been written about on this site before, but I will be sending in a story for Blue Collar Mountain Bike real soon, so look for that. It's on the magnesium bar ended grips. Let me just say this here: I love them! Even better than the original ones I tried, which I mated to a set of standard bar ends to mimic what these newer ones do. Also......the Ergon backpack. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is going to revolutionize hydration packs. You won't believe you used to use the "old" style pack after you try one of these Ergon back packs. Yes.........they are all that and a bag of chips! Now if I could only get my mitts on one........................

I'm happy to announce that I'm back to riding again! The effects of the illness still linger a bit: stuffy nose/head, and gravelly voice; but I'm riding, and I actually feel better on the bike than off it. Seems like the deeper breathing helps clear out the cobwebs a bit. Last weekend was the worst, so to be on the bike today is awesome! Funny how you miss riding so much when you can't do it. It almost makes you unbearable to live with. Just ask Mrs. G-Ted!

Hearing that the Titec H-Bar is finally available. 25.4mm clamp diameter too. Wahoo! I thought they were only going to be that 31.8mm clamp diameter, which I dislike. Hopefully these will be showing up here for me to check out soon. I'm not flush enough for the Jeff Jones titanium real deal ones, so hopefully I'll like the Titec model.

That's it for today, have a great weekend and ride your bikes!

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