Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday News and Views

Haro Mary Update: This project is finally starting to come together. I just recieved a big piece of the puzzle needed to finish it yesterday when the disc brakes showed up at the shop. (Thanks Mom for the birthday present, by the way!) Now the thing should come together rather quickly. I'll post some pictures up as soon as this weekend, if all goes well. It's quite the parts bin build. Old school drivetrain and new school wheels and brakes!

Day 28: .......and counting since I've had some form of a cold, sinusitus, or whatever. Right now it's runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and head aches. Mr 24 says "It's all training". I guess it's misery training! I'll laugh at poor conditions and body aches after this, right? Ha! I hope so! Mrs. G-Ted, a Registered Nurse, says I am the lucky recipient of at least two different viruses back to back. Gee................thanks! I guess.........

Big, Fat Tires: A little message came in that said I would be seeing some WTB Weir Wolf LT's soon. 2.55" of 29"er fat rubber. I've heard these are good on snow, so it's perfect timing. You can get a sneek peek at what they look like here, if you haven't seen them up close yet.

Trans Iowa Update: Cold and snow have frozen the gravel roads into a state of limbo indefinitely. Until we get above freezing for a long spell, the roads will be stable. However; all that moisture is in there just lurking, waiting to wreak havoc as soon as the thaw comes. The timing of that thaw period will be critical to what the roads end up being like for T.I.V3.

I got alot of things off my plate this week, so the next big thing is to finish off the cue sheet directions and make the handoff to Mr. 24 so he can format all of it. That should happen this weekend. New sponsor on board in Walz Caps. Check out their selection of cycling caps. They are pretty cool! Thanks to the Walz Caps crew for throwing in with this crazy event!

Vanished!: The comment link on the blog, that is. I'll get into the template and see what happened later. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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