Friday, January 11, 2013

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And......that's a wrap.
Project White Update:

As you can see, it is built. Project White lives. So, you are probably wondering what I think of it. Hmmm.......can't really say just yet. The trails are snowed in!

I did add some different bits as opposed to what was on Project Black. The obvious here is the suspension fork. This RST First fork is the same that I had before with white lowers, but I had to swap to the black ones with the 15mm through axle so I could run..... The XT 29"er wheel set, which is also different than what Project Black had. These are the very latest 29"er hoops from Shimano and are being tested for here.

The final bit that is different is the tire choice. Here we have the newer Michelin Wild Grip'R 2.25"ers which again- are being tested on These are a UST spec bead, which the XT wheels need to have to make everything happy for tubelessness. The Wild Grip'R seems to be aggressive enough as far as tread, and it exhibits the same squarish crown that the Wild Race'R had that I tested last summer.

So anyway, the Project White bike is a different beast from the Project Black bike in many ways. But like I said, I needed a test mule, or I wouldn't be riding the bike, and the On One should satisfy in that role with a great ride. I'll post up a detailed report on this bike after I get a real ride in or two.

You should claim this as your fortune.
Planning Stages:

I've talked about Triple D already a bunch here, but what will come afterward? This question has been on my mind lately. I have a few things on my mind I am contemplating.

In April I want to attend the Renegade Gents Race. It is a "team time trial" format event and it is a ton of fun. I need four other team mates though, so we'll see. (Working on this already!)

In May some friends of mine want me to ride the Almanzo 100. If I do this, I better get on the stick and send in a post card. It would be nice to ride near to where my families used to farm.

In late June, there is this event out in Nebraska I have wanted to do since I heard about it. It's Odin's Revenge. It is 180 mile deal out in the hilly, beautiful countryside of West Central Nebraska. Yes- it is beautiful in Nebraska, you just have to drive about five miles off the interstate North or South and you'd know about that, you ninny! In fact, the interstate is the worst part of Nebraska, for the most part, and the rest is pretty dang cool, as far as I've seen of it. Well, at Odin's Revenge, you get to see a lot of it. 180 miles of it. Sounds like a great day on a bike to me!

Then I have the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational in July, which will be a co-production with the Slender Fungus Cycling Association. This should be a stellar course in the hilly, scenic portions of Eastern Iowa. It's gonna be so good.

Then in August I would love to get back to the Gravel Worlds, and that would make for a great ride to end the summer on. That's all pretty ambitious, and I may only do a few of these, or I may do all of them. Time will tell.

So, as you can see, I have gravel roads on the brain lately. I haven't been out riding the gravel since late last November, so I have the itch again to do long, long miles of gravel road on my Fargo, Singular Gryphon, and my Black Mountain Cycles Orange Crush.

I've got fenders on the BMC right now, and with all this rain and warm temperatures, the snow cover and ice have retreated. Yes- there will be a cold snap coming soon, but I see that the weather folk think it will warm back up again soon afterward. If so, I'm going graveling. The snow will be shot and the trails too socked in yet with sno-pack and ice. At any rate, I am ready.

But for now I have a conundrum to think about. One week and a day to go to Triple D, and what will those trails be like? All ice? No snow, or very little of it? Mud?

I think I will just make it all easy on myself and ride the Snow Dog no matter what. Those Big Fat Larrys will just have to do, or not. It isn't like I have the cabbage to spend on any more aggressive tires that would fit anyway. At least I'll have some low gears and the bike I've trained on for this event under me.

Have a great weekend!


Chad Q said...

Looking forward to having you at Odin's this year Mark. It will be good to hang out with ya again.

Michael_S said...

any news yet on the maker of that front rack bag?

Guitar Ted said...

@Chad: Thanks! I am excited to ride out there again.

@Michael_S: Not quite yet- The owner of the company wants to actually be able to provide the product before he allows me to publish the review. Apparently things are cranking up now for production. That means.....hopefully soon!

MICHAEL said...

Thanks for the good words about Nebraska .. I have only lived here about a year and a half, but I've found some nice spots and have lots more to see. Ditto for the Hy-Vee fortune cookie(I am an employee-owner). Good luck at the Triple-D.