Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday? What?

Disclaimer: I am not a "shopper" in the typical sense of the word and therefore you can take this post with a grain of salt...........

So this day, the day after Thanksgiving, is now known as "Black Friday", huh? This is just another example of mindless consumerism and how many of us become "sheeple" and fall in line with the grinding wheels of marketing. The only thing "black" about today is the skies at the stores opening time.

Well, at least the news outlets will have plenty to talk about. If you care, they will be standing outside of the malls and shopping centers documenting the carnage which will be more chaotic than a LeMans run at Moab. Headlines will predict the fall or rise of modern civilization based upon the amount of dollars transacted over the course of today and this weekend. Weary soldiers laden with bags, boxes, and baggage will scuffle home nearly destroyed by trying to find that "perfect" gift. Well, they can find solace in the knowledge that they collectively kept several media folks jobs secure and greased the wheels of commerce for a short while. Me? I've got something better in mind.

Call me "un-American", but I'm not getting anywhere close to those dens of capitalism. I am spending time with my family and riding my bicycle in the woods tomorrow with like minded friends. I won't get covered in the news, I won't help further our great economy, and I won't be bringing home any shiny gadgets to sling under a tree. I will be smiling. I will be getting sweaty and breathing in some cool crisp air. I'll be riding my bike out in a natural setting and destressing. I'll be coming home to my family and laughing and having a great time. Well, that's the plan anyway.

They can have their plan, I'll take mine above theirs anyday, Black Friday or not!

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