Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday News and Views

Trans Iowa Notes: Registration continues for the 2008 version of Trans Iowa for the past contestants only! Registration for those of you never having been in a Trans Iowa does not start until next Thursday! So far we have about 17 entrants. Looks like there will be plenty left over for the Open Registration when it starts next week.

The course is pretty much finalized, all that remains is to recon it. d.p. and I are working out a date to do this in the next few weeks. A report will follow.

Iceman Cometh: Indeed! This years edition of Iceman Cometh should live up to it's name. Always a big 29"er event, I expect to see several top athletes aboard big wheels in the reports to follow. I'll see if I can scoop some news from this Michigan event for ya'all, stay tuned!

Out of Town: I have an out of town trip planned for this weekend that should include a bit of riding too. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with Mrs. Guitar Ted and seeing some good friends too. No further posts this weekend, so get out and ride if you can and enjoy the end of fall. Winter won't be far behind!

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