Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday News And Views

Trans Iowa V4 Registration: Registration for the 2008 Trans Iowa V4 continues for one more day exclusively for the past participants. On Thursday the registration will go to open status, meaning that anybody will be allowed to send in a post card. We are up to 31 on the roster so far. With a few more additions from the veterans coming in the next day or two I suspect that we will have at least 60 open spots come Thursday. Get your cards in early. T.I. has always filled up before registration deadline and I don't have any reason to believe that this one won't too. The deadline for me to receive your entry is November 30th!

Lincolnite Gets His Five Minutes: Or maybe I should say "eternal fame", you be the judge of that. When I recieved my issue of Dirt Rag yesterday in the mail I found a picture in the Riders Eye section that resembled Matt Wills. Hmm.........hey! It is Matt Wills!! Pretty cool to see Matt hit the "big time" media. Get your copy and see Matt in his long haired glory. All the more special since he sheared off the golden locks this past summer. Curiously, it doesn't appear that Matt is aboard a Soulcraft. That's strange, but congrats to you Matt, we're all proud to see a Mid-Westerner get some props in a nationwide publication. Just think: Your picture will be seen in a million bathrooms nationwide. Heh heh! (Disclaimer: I think very highly of Matt. So, read the bits here with the knowledge that I am poking some fun. Mmm-kay?)

Titanium Invades 29"er Inventories: It seems that there has been a rash of 29"er companies saying, "We do titanium!" lately. Of course there has always been Moots. Then the Litespeed folks came back as Lynskey, then you have the Dean's, Blacksheep, Voo Doo, etc..... That's not what I'm talking about though. I'm referring to these smaller companies. Carver was the first, then Vassago announces theirs the other day. Now I'm seeing that Motobecane, the "e-bay" company, is hopping in with a titanium frame for 29"ers too. Crazy! Chinese titanium must be really cheap these days!

WTB Tire Testing: The tire testing of the WTB Stout, Prowler SL, and Vulpine is still progressing along. Check out Captain Bob's first impression of the Prowler SL on Twenty Nine Inches. I'll have a Stout first impression up soon, and the Vulpine will follow. I've written about the Stout already here. The Vulpine is the other tire I'm testing and it is fast! It has some odd traits though that I will detail in my take on them coming soon. look for that on Twenty Nine Inches.

Turkey Burn: Anyone in the local area should be aware of the upcoming Turkey Burn event out at Camp Ingawanis. It's a ride/trail maintenance day scheduled on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to get your metabolism and fun levels up. Ride, work the trails, and get your end of the season punctuated with something good for you and for the local mountain biking scene.

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