Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday News and Views

East Coast Outdoor Demo? There is a possibility that an outdoor demo the likes of what Interbike has will be put on out on the East Coast next year. This is being reported this morning on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News website. What is more, the proposal being scrutinized by East Coast retailers now calls for one of the days of the demo to be open to consumers. This would be perhaps something similar to Sea Otter in that consumers would be not only able to see the merch up close, but also be able to ride it.

So far the plan is tentitively scheduled for October and would be held in Rhode Island to help draw from the major metropolitan areas on the Eastern Seaboard.

I thinl it's a great idea, coming right after Interbike, and gives the East coasters something to look forward to. The only thing I wonder is if it will draw off attendance to Interbike proper by retailers out there. Whatever......consumers should be stoked!

Upcoming Attractions: I have mentioned this earlier, but I will be posting some updates on the Fisher HiFi Deluxe 29"er soon. My feelings about this trail bike are really posistive, just so you know! I also will be working up some updates on the three sets of WTB tires with the help of Captain Bob soon. Finally, the Schwalbe Racing Ralphs should be here next week. All of this will be appearing on Twenty Nine Inches, so look over there for these updates and new arrivals.

Thread-a-licious! Disclaimer: I am a Twin Six Team member, (Why I have no idea, but they invited me.........really!) I was checking out all the new 2008 stuff from Twin Six and I am constantly blown away by these guys creativity and output. This is nuts! Please, do yourself a huge favor and check out the goods. They've even got a t-shirt designed by Jesse LaLonde, so how cool is that! The guys at Twin Six are even down with big wheels and work with some heavy hitters in the 29"er world, so they have The Guitar Ted Stamp Of Approval. Which means that Twin Six is totally safe to use while riding your 29"er and has been thoroughly tested here at the Guitar Ted Labratories for your peace of mind.

Allright, there's your Christmas gift suggestions right there! No need to go out and beat yerself up at the malls, this stuff is what you need to make your cycling folks smile 24-7/365. Getcher self sum!

Ifn' ya ain't afeard of the cold and snow, have yerself a merry little bike ride this weekend. Otherwise, good luck on your ride to nowhere indoors!

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