Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

Spending some down time at home? Well, so am I. Mrs. Guitar Ted is a Registered Nurse, so there are these things called "on call" weekends where I have to take a break and stay home with my two children. I shouldn't say "have to", since it isn't like that. Not at all.

Today is a rest day for more reasons than that. I have been pushing the envelope in more ways than just cycling. I need to recharge the batteries for sure. Too much of the jobs (two jobs) and riding are conspiring to make me really burn out, but I'm not going to let that happen. Last weekend was the beggining of rest, I continue with some this weekend, and of course, Thursday brings another off day. Hopefully by the Saturday after Thanksgiving I'll be ready to go again.

There are a lot of things coming up that are going to require much of my energies. Trans Iowa recon is right around the corner. A date is being discussed and an all day drive planned. Then there is the late season testing of equipment that must be done, much of it in the dark, I'm thinking. Lights are a bit of a problem as of now, but I'll make do. Then there are the family obligations. Two birthdays and Christmas in the span of two weeks. A wedding anniversary and New Years Day within ten days of that.

I plan on doing a bit of a "rearview mirror" action on the blog here and on Twenty Nine Inches. I will dredge up some ideas that have been big and then take a look at next year and give you my take on what to look for in the coming months.

So, it'll be a busy December, going into the depths of winter, and a new year. Time will fly. Better get my rest while I can.

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