Sunday, November 25, 2007

Taking It Easy

<==Some onlookers at the Camp seemed a bit interested in what I was up to on Saturday.

Had a couple of photos from yesterday, but only a couple. I wasn't too interested in digging through the pack, taking off the mitts, and shooting photos yesterday. Besides, I was too busy just trying to keep up. Seems like there may have been a good reason for feeling so flat yesterday.

Cold and flu season is here and, well........I think most of our family has the flu! Just to be clear, the flu isn't vomiting and diarrhea, although those can be symptoms of the flu. No, normally you are talking about headaches, body aches, lack of energy, and just generally feeling rotten, which is what three out of the four of us here are feeling today. Well, that explains alot for me, anyway, about yesterdays performance.

So today I just casually spun around the block with my son a few times and am resting up.

<===The HiFi Deluxe in the wild.

Hopefully I can get recovered enough to go at it again next weekend for a bit. I need to keep the riding time going as long as the weather holds back from being really nasty, windy, and frigid.

This week isn't looking like there will be much going on, which is good. Next week I have T.I.V4 recon scheduled for the 6th of December. d.p. and I will be slinking around the gravel corridors of North East Iowa to verify my course of doom for 100 lucky folks next April. Well, I'm sure that number will dwindle somewhat, but we have 100 now.

Until then, lots of fluids and rest..........................

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