Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

<==While you were traveling somewhere to eat yer self silly, I had to deal with this!

My package arrived and I couldn't wait. I tore into the cardboard and wrapping like an expectant boy at Christmas time opening a present. I lifted out the contents and may I say, I was pleased.

This should be a fun trip.

Look for more later................

In the meantime we got up to 100 folks entered in for some limestone goodness today. Two folks didn't make the cut and I'm sure a few more entries will show up late on Friday and Saturday. If they really want in, they should consider themselves in, since I'm quite sure more than a few will be dropping out come February and March. It happens every year. In fact, I'm predicting a sub 75 rider field by the start time on April 26th. That's money if you are the betting type. Me? Just being realistic.

The Turkey Burn is coming up Saturday. The weather is going to be decent and some good folks should be turning up for some post holiday riding shenanigans and trail work. Mark it down as a must do and join in the fun. I'll be there too. It's good for you and Iowa mountain biking. How can you lose? (Well.......I suppose you could smash yer digit, like Mr. 24 did!)

Okay, so have yourself a great holiday and don't eat yourself silly! Ride your bike instead!

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