Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday News And Views

Wheels Go Roundy-Round: My Dad always said I had wheels in my head. Maybe he was right about that! I love bicycle wheels and I like to build them from scratch too. These new Sun Ringle' Charger Pro wheels are pre-built, so I didn't get the fun of lacing and tensioning these bad boys up, but I do get to ride them. Should be interesting too. Tubeless ready out of the box. Look for more on TNI soon.

Speaking of Twenty Nine Inches, I have put up a Facebook page for the site. Check it out. I am going to try to post up some of the behind the scenes goings on and scuttlebutt from time to time, so it will be a bit different from the TNI site proper.

I figured I would give that a try, as I was posting all the Twenty Nine Inches stuff on Facebook under my personal page anyway, and I wasn't using the page for stuff I was doing personally. (I probably won't much either!)

Noted This Oddity: While driving around doing T.I.V6 recon Wednesday, I was struck by the fact that I was having to turn on the A/C in the cab of the Truck Without A Name while I was routinely passing snow banks still in ditches. I think that's a first in my lifetime!

And About That Gravel Grinder: I will be making some important announcements concerning T.I.V6 and posting the results of my latest recon efforts tomorrow on this blog. Be there!

Preparing For The Season: Captain Bob shot me a call yesterday to tell me that about a third of the North Side of The Camp is ready to ride for us locals. Whoopee! If it doesn't rain buckets, I'm heading out there Saturday morning for the first Saturday AM test session of many this year! If you go, remember to sign in and PAY YER DUES! No carpetbaggers! I was out there and saw some tracks that were recent but no one had signed in, and I am betting they didn't pay either. If ya want ta lose these trails fer you and everyone else, keep it up, losers! You know who you are!

Captain Bob says he sees this "rig" parked in front of the Black's Building in downtown Waterloo alot. He snapped this photo with his camera phone and shared it with me. It was too good not to share with you all. (Click it to make it bigger).

I really don't know quite what to say about this.


Have a great Easter Weekend, ride yer bikes, and have fun!


Ari said...

That's the bike that is going to win Trans Iowa this year. Must be a Salsa Cycles secret project!

Travel Gravel said...

Does Victor Vincent of America have relatives up there?