Thursday, April 22, 2010

One More Day!

Okay, the e-mail has been flying back and forth. The workers are working, and the bits are coming into place for T.I.V6 .

Here are a few more thoughts from my wearied brain.........

As I have mentioned, there will be a barn where the event will host the finish line, the awards, and also will play host to support folks Saturday evening through to the end. It will be where we are phoning in updates, and this will be the only source of info during the event. Okay, just to let you know, the place will be warm, dry, and it has electricity, but................. IT IS A BARN. Basically it has wooden walls and a concrete floor with a ton of open space.

This means you will need to bring chairs to sit in, if you plan on hanging out. There will be refreshments and munchies, but you can bring whatcha want to eat and drink. There will be a campfire, (weather permitting), and some other fun. Bring a guitar. Sing dirges in the dark. Wonder at the spectacle that is Trans Iowa!
Finally, the barn has NO RESTROOM. The Jacb Krumm Nature Preserve, just about a quarter mile away, where you will be parking your cars, does have a restroom that will be unlocked and at our disposal. By the way, the road to the barn may not be driveable if it is wet, so please do not attempt to park near the barn.

There will be instructions on how to get there in each racers packet that will be distributed at the Pre-Race Meat-Up.


Weather Update: Some folks are crying, "Remember T.I.V2!!" already. The rain factor has them freaked out through and through.'s the deal: That year it rained for several days prior to the event. It didn't rain the day before, but the rains had done the damage already. Today is Thursday. It hasn't rained on the course yet. It isn't supposed to rain on the course until Friday, and it really needs to be rained on!! We've been on it, and the extent of the dust holes is unimaginable until you've seen them. Rain could pack it down. Saturday is forcast to be hit and miss thunder showers. Saturday night the rain chances increase a bit. How fast you go will determine much of your success or lack thereof. One good thing: The winds are forecast to be less than previously thought.
Okay, that's all for today. A final word before I go to T.I.V6 will be on tap for tomorrow...........


Steve Fuller said...

Thank you to you, Mark, for putting this event on.

Thank you to your family for giving you the time to recon the route, put on the event, and giving you the post event rest you deserve

Thank you to DP, for helping you put it on and keep you sane during the event

Thank you to the city of Grinnell for stepping up, welcoming us into their town for the weekend, and supporting the event above and beyond what they need to.

Viva La Gravel!!!!!

grannygear said...

Hah...dirges in the dark...too funny. hang in there, GT.