Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Super Secret Mode

I am writing to you from a remote location today where I was privy to future mountain bike technology that I can't tell you about..............yet! Pretty soon I will, but not today. At any rate, it was an interesting night, and I got to meet some mountain biking luminaries.

Tomorrow I get to view a couple new things having to do with mountain bikes as well, but from a different company, and again........there will be stuff I can not talk about!

What  can I say? I guess since I was asked to look, I did, but if I want to see more in the future, I better keep my trap shut now. Ya know, it ain't easy! It's pretty cool stuff. So, I am sorry for the super short blog post today, but since everything is sooooo secret, I can't write about it, and well, you don't really want to hear about my hotel room now, do you?

Hopefully tomorrow I will have something worth posting up, eh? Ha!


Llama said...

Enjoy drooling over the new steel El Mariachi with its fancy dropouts.

MG said...

Nice... Have fun on the super secret trip. Can't wait to read your report. ;-)