Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Feeling It

Wednesday. Testing day for Twenty Nine Inches stuff. The day I usually go to The Camp and wring out the equipment while getting in a fun ride.

The day was beautiful. Hot even. The sky was clear and the signs of Spring were everywhere to be seen.

But I just wasn't feeling it.

<===Big wheels, big tires.

No snap, no life in the legs at all today, and I am pretty sure I know exactly the reason why that was.


I had a rough start to the week with the situation my family was in, trying to secure a second car for our immediate needs. Sure, The Truck With No Name was running great, but being a standard cab rig, it doesn't seat four. So, we were needing a car and that was stressing out everyone. Then there is Trans Iowa V6, which imparts its own stresses at this time of year anyway. Add in a slew of work on the web side of things and was all just a bit too much.

The car thing got worked out in a whirlwind yesterday, which was basically the climax of the whole stressful deal. I think today my body just wanted to rest. But I had more work to do, and the lawn desperately needed mowing for the first time this year.

<===The Big Mama back where it belongs.

Oh well. I'll be taking it kind of easy today and tomorrow. Good thing I decided not to go to Sea Otter! Man! I think I would have blown up.


Captain Bob said...

I hear ya ted. It's amazing how much stress will zap you. I thought my after work ride was going to be better than it was but in thr end I wasn't feeling it either. I also think I'm a bit dehydrated and just don't know it. The heat of this spring is sneaking up on me. Rest easy man and clear that mellon of yours!

mw said...

yes. stress here too. work is slow and my kitchen is torn apart. two not good things.

MG said...

Dude, I know exactly what you're talkin' about... I'm sorry you've had so many crazy things piling up on you, especially right around TI time. That's just not right. I'm looking forward to catching up with you and hearing how the car 'situation' worked out. I know balancing the necessities of getting ready for TI with the realities of everyday life are always a bit daunting, but my body seems to be coming around... finally. You're right about stress not really helping anything. I was in bed by 7pm last night -- my mid-week 'resting camp'.

Talk to you soon,

jp said...

Ted, You should look for a real Crew Cab Pick-up. No finer family and bike haulin rig, ever. :) No matter what Charly Tri will tell you.