Monday, April 05, 2010

Things Have Been Better- Things Have Been Worse

Feeling drained after a busy weekend. Here's a quick run down from two different perspectives....

Things Have Been Better: The week ended last Friday with the decision that our main vehicle for the family was unreliable and we would have to get a new/different vehicle. We were now down to the Truck Without A Name which is a standard cab truck that won't fit four in the bench seat. Too tight, and there are only thre safety belts anyway. To top that off, I had a tire going bad on it which reared its ugly head Saturday and will require a replacement today. Down to bumming rides for the weekend since Mrs. Guitar Ted and I were playing/singing in the church band Saturday night and Sunday for a total of four services. We had to cancel plans to go visit relatives, and I didn't get any bike rides in. Boo!

Things Have Been Worse: I got to spend a bunch of time with my family this weekend. I got to play my guitar really loud and make some noise. I got to be part of an awesome Easter Service. I got some e-mails jetted off to the T.I.V6 volunteer crew. I got to wrench on some bikes down in the Lab. I was able to do some logistical work on T.I.V6. I also got some writing done. We got our new I-Mac set up. I get to start looking for a different vehicle. I got to go to bed early Sunday night. (I needed to after being up since 4:30am!)

So it was a weekend of two extremes. Now it is back to another crazy week at work with trying to fit in all the last minute T.I.V6 stuff. I'll be busy, that's for sure!


Captain Bob said...

I just love vehicle shopping......that is until you have to talk to the sales person. Hope it all works out for ya.

Ari said...

Easter came too quick and we never had a chance to get ready. Somebody out there slow down time a bit

MG said...

Sorry to hear about your car troubles... The RX needs to be put to bed, 'eh? Good luck in the hunting for a replacement.

Wish I had the skills on the axe to jam with ya' buddy... Some day I'll actually follow-through on getting some lessons. LOL!