Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Mother Nature Wins!"

It's all over. Trans Iowa V6 was epic, crazy, and a total blast from beginning to weather shortened end. I'll have detailed reports coming in the following days, but for now, here are the folks that were still running when we made the cut off at North English, Iowa:

Joe Meiser
John Gorilla
Corey "Cornbread" Godfrey
Matt Braun
Eric Brunt
Jay & Tracey Petervary
Charles Parsons

Congratulations to these riders and all who gutted out even one mile on this crazy, wet, wind blown event this time. Unfortunately, the conditions worsened on Saturday evening to the point that d.p. andI felt it was best for everyone's safety to get off the roads. I'll check in tomorrow with my first report on the event.


Paul said...

Without a doubt GT, you made the right call. It was horrible Saturday night.

Thanks for the opportunity to volunteer. I had a great time seeing the other side of the race.

john said...

Mark - well done. Looking forward to all the reports and reactions. Is there a chance you can post a map of the route?

Guitar Ted said...
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Guitar Ted said...

@john: I do not release info on unused sections of the course, because they may get implemented at a later date. As for the used portions, you'll have to ask someone who earned the miles for it. I leave that up to them to decide.

@Paul: Thanks man! You were a big help and I was glad to have you there with us.

MG said...

Thanks Mark and Dave, and also to Rob and the city of Grinnell for hosting us in good style. And congratulations to the Hard Men that rode to the declared finish. That was a feat of mind over matter if ever there was one. Great stuff...

But in the end, it's hard to thing there was any way this year was happening for me, the way it all went down. Oh well... One thing 20 years of racing's taught me is that tomorrow will always come, and we're just comin' into May... It's a good time of year.

Thanks again, my Brother.