Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trans Iowa V6: Mid-Week Update

<===Everybody gets a sticker!

This is the first of two Trans Iowa V6 Mid-Week updates I am doing to keep everyone up to date on what is going on with the last minute prep for this event. Waiting for Saturday and the usual update doesn't cut it anymore as there is information here that is vital to your preparations. You need this info now!

Pre-Race Meat-Up Details: This is the latest on the mandatory meeting for Trans Iowa V6 which will take place on April 23rd at the Grinnell Steakhouse, 2110 West Street, South. Their phone number is 641-236-0555. Here are the times for your consideration:

5:00pm: Arrival time at the Grinnell Steakhouse. Check in with Guitar Ted, make sure you get a raffle ticket, and make sure your name is ticked off on the call up sheet. Very Important! If you are not checked in, you won't get called up, and you won't recieve your race packet with the cue sheets. Meet and greet your fellow competitors. Beer will be available for purchase. (Must be 21 years of age or older) Begin eating as soon as you get there if you would like.

6:00pm Sharp!! Meeting starts over dinner. Once the meeting starts no one else will be allowed entry to the roster. Don't be late or you will not be in Trans Iowa! I will greet everyone and make some acknowledgements. I will give you the final words on the course, any "heads up" things to be aware of, and answer any questions from you racers. There will also be some items raffled off at this time.

6:45-7:00pm: Sometime in this slot I will begin the "Call Up". You will sign a waiver, pick up your race packets, and be free to leave at this point.

7:00pm - 7:30pm: We will clear out our stuff and allow the Grinnell Steakhouse folks to clean up. Note: The Steakhouse is open until 9:00pm if you want to hang out there longer.

Here are your menu items for the Meat-Up:

"Grill Your Own" Beef - $15.99 and Chicken or Pork - $13.99.
Veggie Kabobs - $10.99
Salad Bar also available upon request.

This will allow you to bump elbows with your fellow riders as you grill yer own critter to eat, or singe yer own veggies. We thought it'd be fun anyway!

Remember to pick up your Dining Dollars at the Comfort Inn and Suites before you come to the meeting!

A Note On Prizing: Yeah, we have some prizes, but they are neither bling-bling or going to help you find a mate. If you are looking to get rich by winning this event, I am sorry, but you better look elsewhere. Some prizing will be given to the top finishers in these 3 fields...

Open Men

Open Women

Open Singlespeed / Fixed Gear

Plus, there may be some Special Prizing given at the discretion of the Event Directors and Sponsors. 

That said, you can expect prizing "packages" which are assembled at the discretion of the Event Directors which will include Oakley eyewear custom engraved for Trans Iowa, Ergon product including a back pack and grips, Twin Six jerseys, t-shirts, and socks, and some other "as yet to be determined" prizes to the top finishers.

There will be some Special Prizing as follows:

Salsa Frame/Tubus Rack: Salsa Cycles has offered a frame to one of the finishers of Trans Iowa, (Note: Not one of the top category finishers), that the Event Directors shall choose at random to have their choice of either a Fargo or Vaya frame. (Winner will recieve the correct frame size by dealing with Salsa Cycles directly after the event). Along with this, Wilson Cycles is offering a Tubus Rack to go along with your frame of choice.

Oakley "Lanterne Rouge" Prize: We thought it would be fun to honor the guy or gal that gutted it out to finish T.I.V6, even though they were in last place. Oakley thought so too. They are offering a special red pair of eyewear to the last place finisher that comes in within the time limits at this year's Trans Iowa.

Special Raffles: We will be doling out some special prizes at the Pre-Race Meat-Up and after the event from Trek, Bontrager, Twin Six, Banjo Brothers, Hiawatha Cyclery, and more.

And everyone gets something.... Every racer that gets to the Pre-Race Meat-Up in time gets a race packet with a Velocity water bottle cage, a Simple Strap by ByKyle, and stickers, buttons, and more!

The Numbers! Here are your mileage breakdowns for T.I.V6:
Grinnell to Checkpoint #1:            44.25 miles       Cut Off Time: 8am
Checkpoint #1 to Checkpoint #2: 87.2 miles         Cut Off Time: 5pm
Checkpoint #2 to Checkpoint #3: 75.8 miles         Cut Off Time: 1am (Sunday)
Checkpoint #3 to The Barn         107.1miles         Cut Off Time: 1pm (Sunday)
Total miles for T.I.V6 = 314.85 miles

Okay, that's a wrap for this report. look for more Trans Iowa Thoughts on Saturday!


d.p. said...

We're headed up to St. Ansgar for that wedding Saturday, so I'm hoping to actually ride some of the distal bits Sunday to see how the flow flows.

Reflector Collector said...

Wooo hooo... Thanks for all the hard work and coordination Mark. Looking forward to seeing fellow nut-cases.

dallasms said...

Well my work situation was finalized yesterday and it's to bad that it didn't come sooner as I really wanted to ride this year.

I would like to wish everyone the best of luck and if somehow G.T decides to raffel off a spot to charity or whatever let me know.

Dallas " Sometimes life doesn't come at you fast enough." Sigurdur