Thursday, July 11, 2013

From Low To High

Single Speedin in Skeeterville
Yesterday was a day that started out really low. I won't say "bad", because I wasn't in some sort of catastrophe or suffering some major loss. It was just that I woke up and when you "just" wake up, you are kind of punchy and not really "with it" just yet. Know what I mean? So, yeah.......I felt like that for a couple of hours after I awoke. I just had to yawn and stumble around as if I wasn't ever going to have any energy for doing much of anything.

Then I started to snap out of that funk around about 9:30am-10:00 o'clock, and I felt fine. Weird.

Well, I was itching to get out and enjoy what turned out to be a perfect day, weather-wise, and had the truck all loaded up to go to Ingawanis Woods. I just had to make a quick, (I thought), phone call and then I would be outta there. Well, the phone call took a lot longer than I thought it would. I didn't get unloaded and riding till pretty close to 11:00am.

I did a good ride at the Ingawanis Woods though. A very fun, fast, zippy ride. Single speed even. Looks like I may have recovered finally from Odin's Revenge. Just in time to get torn down again at the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational this weekend! Well, after that, I ate a good lunch, then rode the same single speed to work to do a quick repair for a special customer. Then back home again where I enjoyed the family, and started finishing off the Gravel Mutt Project. is finished! All except the final adjustments and tweaking. A big post will be coming up soon. Stay tuned for that.

So the end of the day was a celebration of an accomplishment and looking forward to the weekend's ride with some good people. From low to high.......

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