Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time To Calm Down A Little!

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Hey, it can't all be new product reveals and new model year info everyday around here, ya know! I gotta tell you regular readers that the last week or so here has been nuts on this blog. Numbers have been pushed into record territory. Why just yesterday over 3,000 folks hit up this place.

It wasn't all that long ago that it took 11 days to get over 3,000 hits here! But that can't last and now it is time to calm down around here for a bit and get back to some "regular programming".

Yesterday was about near perfection all the way around. First it started off with my great family, as usual. Then off to ride with Jonathan and James from the shop where I work. They were looking for a ride to Ingawanis Woods, I have a "Truck With No Name", a bike rack, and time off, so we all hooked up to get our dirt on.

James was a rookie up there and Jonathan had not been on the newest section of trail yet, so we had a good time checking out the trails and riding the awesome Ingawanis Woods single track. Only 1.5 crashes, and no major catastrophes, so I counted it all up as a success. Then we had a lunch date back at the shop.

One of our other coworkers, Mark P, decided to bring his charcoal grill and make us burgers and brats which were waaaay good. Okay, so far this day was off the charts good. Then back home after doing a wheel truing job and answering some customer questions. Cleaned up, chilled out a bit, then went shopping for my son's birthday gift. He was born ten years ago when I was down wrenching on RAGBRAI and I had to rush home to be with Mrs. Guitar Ted and see him being born. (I made it with time to spare!)

Then back home for pizza and ice cream cake, (what else would a 10 year old boy want?), then he and I settled in to watch the first dirt race NASCAR has held in 43 years on T.V. It was fun, and the end of the day was bittersweet. One of those days that you didn't want to see end.

So, there ya go. Nothing "new", shiny, or groundbreaking for you bike freaks, but a darn good day, and a nice way to take a break from all this News Season madness of late.


Dave said...

Awesome day indeed. Glad to hear it and it's a refreshing change from the usual. FWIW, I thought the dirt race was interesting too, although the surface seemed too hard and almost looked slick. There definitely were no dirt clods being thrown like at most dirt races.

coastkid said...

Ice cream cake sounds nice!
We need a picture!

Interesting on your daily view stats, i had over 2000 the other day and they have upped to nearly 1000 daily - the majority via your blog Ted -:)

Keep it up, nice varity of cycling,