Saturday, July 06, 2013

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational: Update

GTDRI-13 Update:

Okay folks, in one week we will be riding a stellar route sussed out by my good friends over at the Slender Fungus Cycling Association. President Ari has worked countless hours on this along with his SFCA Crew and has sourced local knowledge to assure the highest quality experience possible.

A Few Words On Things You Need To Know If You Are Coming......

  • This is a FUN RIDE. Not racing. It is a no-drop, "anyone can join in" challenge. That said, we are planning on riding 135 miles . This will not be an easy ride!!!
  • There is a shorter route option of 65-ish miles. the "Bonk King" will be leading you on this adventure. Both routes will cover the same 30-ish miles to start out with. Then the two groups will split up. You can choose now, or choose right up until we split up. After that- you are committed! No turning back. 
  • SELF-SUPPORTED!! You must bring water, food, tools, and tubes. PLUS- you will need lights!! We are starting at 5:00am sharp!!
  • There will be several pass-through towns at regular intervals. We will be stopping for breakfast, at Maquoqueta, and we will pass through several small villages. We will likely stop at some killer burger joint in St. Donatus, and we will be passing through Bellevue, on the long route, before coming back to Sabula. Ari assures me there are re-supply opportunities at several of these pass-through towns. 
  • It will be hilly! This is a very hilly part of Iowa and you will want a wide range of gearing, great working brakes, and a steady hand. Wider tires than narrow. Lower pressures than higher. You know the drill......
  • Bring your camera! 
  • Bring a good attitude. There probably will be "adult beverages" involved at some point during this ride. Be of good cheer!
  • While this event is free of charge to join in on, you'll want to bring cash or a credit card for your re-supply and entertainment purposes. 
  • We will likely be riding until 6pm or so, and then you are welcome to stick around for some supper before we all head back to our regular lives. 
Directions, Routes, Cue Sheets: President Ari has provided a Map My Ride link for each route which includes files for your nav purposes. NOTE: The ride starts at the Jackson County Welcome Center west of Sabula at 5:00am sharp!!



See ya in Sabula this coming Saturday!


Exhausted_Auk said...

So sorry I will not be able to join you on the ride this year. I have to volunteer at the children's swim meet.

Guitar Ted said...

@Exhausted_Auk: Oh.....well, I understand. I will miss you, and I am sure others will as well.

Hopefully we can turn the cranks together at a 3GR soon. Take Care!

Chad Q said...

Won't be able to make it Mark, it just isn't in the cards this year. Have a great ride !!

Deer Jim said...

I’m thinking about joining you on this ride but I had a few question. You mention a rider must bring food and water.

How much food and water does each rider need to bring with them? I can carry two bottles plus food in my jersey.

How many stops will the ride make?

How fast do you thing the group will ride?

What type of bikes with riders use?

I only have a mountain bike with a front shock. I’m not totally sure I can do 135 gravel miles on a mountain bike and 65 miles is a little short for the distance I will be traveling.


Guitar Ted said...

@Deer Jim: Water/Food; I figure you'd better be able to deal with 30 miles at a crack in 80F temps. Minimum.

We will stop three times for sure for up to a half an hour each. Maybe a couple more times for short rests.

We have to cover 10 miles each hour minimum, including our stop times, so average odometer speed readings will be in the 13mph range minimum.

There will be a mix of bikes, but most will be cyclo-cross or 29"ers.