Wednesday, January 05, 2022

A Little Catching Up: Part 2

A new fat biking season has kicked off.....finally!

 Hey there! I hope 2022 has kicked off well for y'all. I figured now that all the 'gravel nonsense' is out of the way that I might take a bit of time to catch up here on things that have been going on lately. 

Well, Winter finally made an appearance! After some wild and wacky early Winter nonsense we got a little snow that stuck and now it's been very cold outside. We missed getting anything from the big weekend storm here, so for Winter snow lovers around Waterloo, that was a big disappointment. 

I have been spending time riding around the neighborhood, mostly, on my Blackborow DS. I know that in last year's "Bikes of 2021" posts I had mentioned that I might sell this bike. Well, I am trying to decide here if I am really ready to let this bike go. It is a great bike, no doubt, and I do like it a lot. But I also really do not like having another bike around that barely ever gets ridden. So, it is hard to decide.

I've also been dealing with a left knee that doesn't quite feel 'right'. It doesn't hurt so much as it is stiff at times and sometimes it feels swollen. In fact, some times it doesn't hurt at all, but I have the 'not right' feeling and it is a bother. Riding doesn't seem to hurt it unless I am really pushing things hard, as I was on one ride when I was in 'high range' on the Blackborow. Gotta keep things spinny. 

Otherwise I had a 23rd wedding anniversary three days ago and so the weekend wasn't much for activities on the bike. It kind of warmed up here since and I have a 'mission' in mind to accomplish out in the country. I hope to get out and do that soon because the conditions for what I am after are ideal at this point. Stay tuned....

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