Thursday, January 13, 2022

A Little Catching Up: Part 3

More 'spin therapy' on the Blackborow DS.
 Okay, we've just gone through a spell of pretty cold weather, and I've not been doing any rides out in the country, or in the woods, for that matter. That's all because I am still nursing a knee back into shape. The same injury I incurred due to a bump while doing my side-hustle as a mover. 

It's been progressively getting better, but this moving gig, while not a steady job, seems to put a lot of stress on that knee. Well....both knees, if I am honest. Going up and down ramps and stairwells carrying heavy loads or pushing two-wheeled carts with heavy stuff on them is probably why that is.

This won't be a long-term hustle. Like I mentioned earlier, I told this particular individual I would help when I could and well, I wanted to uphold my word. Plus, I'm not doing much of anything else during this time anyway. But things will change. They always do, and I have been working on something that would get me into a different job. I cannot say anything yet, but I should know one way or the other before the end of the month here. 

Meanwhile I have been doing fat biking and a lot of walking. I seem to be making steady improvement with the knee so that's great. Plus I get outside. The snow, while it isn't much, is perfect for traversing by fat bike where it hasn't been trodden down, or compacted into a sheet of shiny ice/snow. I am trying to find the least beaten down paths and tracks of snow machines or whatever two tracked vehicles have been up on the flood dikes. Of course, now the weather flipped and the snow is about gone- and we're supposed to get 3-6" on Friday.

I'm keeping things 'spinny' and that's been great therapy. I'm hoping to get out on the gravel here during this "January Thaw" we have on tap right now, so we'll see......

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