Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Winter Views: Birthday Ride

It was a balmy 10°F for my Birthday Ride.
Maybe some of you were wondering if I managed to get out for a bicycle ride on my birthday last Sunday. Well, I am happy to report that yes- I did get out. It wasn't anything super-crazy, but it was a good, fun ride and in somewhat challenging conditions. 

I decided to use the Blackborow DS in low range to take it easy on the knees. I know- many of you might think that single speed action is actually worse for the knees, but this low range on the Blackborow DS is pretty spinny. So, I knew I wasn't going to be stressing out my knees too badly and besides, without faster gears I wouldn't be tempted to run a harder gear than I should be. See.......single speeding can be good for you! You just need to use the right single gear. 

My goal for this ride was to go to the lake off Martin Road by Highway 63 and see who might be ice fishing. I'd already seen ice fishing huts on ponds that I never would have dreamed people would try to fish. But there they were. The lake in the Green Belt always attracted ice fishermen. There was a pretty good chance I'd see some action.

So, off I went and spun down the alleys to avoid traffic until I got over by Black Hawk Creek and I had to jump over to the street for a few blocks. It's been so cold that not many people are out and about, so traffic was light. The wind, on the other hand, was a bit stiff and biting. There for a while I thought maybe I'd under-dressed. Actually, that's a sign you've dressed just right if you are Winter riding. 

There were only two ice fishers on the lake. I was surprised.

The trail around the lake looked fun but I veered back into the woods up ahead here.

I met a guy on a fat bike at the top of the dike just before I dove into the Green Belt Trail. I kind of wondered if he came in behind me, but it was hard to tell. The scrunchy sound of my tires masked any other sounds and the trail was beaten in so narrow that I had to pay attention to my own business. 

I figured I'd have to pull up at the place where the trail crosses that rivulet that emanates out of the marshy land along Sergeant Road Trail and the ball diamonds. There has been nothing but confusion at that point since they reworked that area to maintain the dike a few years ago. When I got there I stopped to survey the situation. Then I turned around and sure enough, there was that guy on his bike. I waved him along since I wasn't about to be in a situation where I felt like I couldn't stop whenever I wanted to. 

Up on the dike in the Green Belt

Further down the dike near University Avenue.

I went on then and visited the lake which was fun but there were hardly any ice fishers there. Weird! Then I dove back into the Green Belt so as to stay out of the wind. I ended up getting up on top of the dike then and going all the way down and along that until I reached University Avenue. From there I made my way back to the house. 

It was a great ride and my legs came out of that really well. The snow is about perfect right now with this very frigid air we have. I suspect that if it gets much higher than 20°F that this snow will turn into a mess, but right now the snow is about good as it gets. It sure made for an enjoyable birthday ride.

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