Thursday, July 14, 2005

A/C Creatures

It's the A/C season again in Iowa. That means that most people are ducking from one airconditioned atmousphere to another, spending as little time inbetween as they possibly can. Have we gone soft, or what? I am just as guilty as the next guy though. I am sitting here banging this out on my keyboard as the window A/C whirrs in the backround. I guess I should be glad we even have A/C. It just kind of makes me think about how things like that have gone from, "oh that's a nice thing, we're so blessed.", to "Where the #@^* is my A?C?!! We hafta have it!" We as a country are so screwed up that way! Anywho...........

Looks like the On One Inbred 29er that I pictured awhile back has been given an inventory number at our supplier. That doesn't necessarily mean they are coming in, but it's hopeful! The entire first run of frames is tagged for U.S. sale, and with the 29er hoards waiting with their tongues lolling out of their grills, you can bet they won't last long! Who knows when and if they would re-stock them. Add to this the news I got that Trek maybe producing a 29er, that Fisher is going to sell a "budget" priced 29er frameset, and the Surly Pugsley is already available, you might se where I would be in a quandry as to what geared hardtail I should be riding! (Don't even say "all of them", I'm not filthy rich, just filthy!)

I get to be a Europa Cycle and Ski "Night Monkey" for tonight, and tomorrow night. Wahoo! I'd expect it to be pretty busy tonight, as the evenings have been lately. On a Europa related note: I'd like to say that my thoughts and prayers are with Melissa, as she was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Don't know what's wrong- if anything, but I hope yer out and okay by now!

Lots of people will be out and about on their bikes this weekend getting ready for "that ride"- you know! The one sponsored by that rag in Des Moines? Yeah, like these folks ever ride any other time of year! So, watch out! Lots of noobs out there now and they aren't noted for their bike handling skills! Clear a path people! Here comes the keg! The keg on the child trailer! The one with blaring 80's hairband music emanating from it! Look out!

Trans Iowa is still turning up in the news! Check out Mr. 24's latest posts for details! I am still checking out course options for the '06 version. I have found a few websites that allow viewing of airial photographs that are coming in handy. I just can't quite determine the terrain features, though, and I have to narrow down my choices yet. Suffice it to say that for now, Trans Iowa '06 will be hillier, and it will have more "B" roads, or other similarly heinous passageways! It also will be slightly longer, and have a longer time to complete the route. I'm still hashing out decisions and details, so that's all I got for ya on that! Be a volunteer for '06 Trans Iowa! Let me know if your interested!

Now I would like to send a shout out to "The Chad", and to dirtram, my bruthas from otha muthas! Hope the silly bike season is treatin' ya'all well!

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"The Chad" said...

The bike season has been pretty typical for me so far. We don't seem to get quite as much business from "that ride" as we did back in Cedar Falls, but I still wind up talking about it acouple times a day. That business might have picked up, I have been out of the biking world for the last week due to the wedding and honeymoon. Hopefully I won't forget how to sell when I go back tomorrow!