Saturday, July 09, 2005

Nits and Bits

Lack of organization on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Well, maybe............
Guitar Ted Productions

Here are some recent "nits" and bits that are on my mind this weekend.

1. Mr. 24: Hope he's gettin' his groove on @ the 12 Hours of Winter. Also, I hope he doesn't forget my "dirt-in-a-bag" that I collect after his races.

2. Our boss, Leans on Wood, decided to take a 4 day vay-kay at the busiest time of the season- brilliant! The top of his desk looks like the aftermath of a snowstorm, it's so covered with notes. My prediction: temporary paralysis brought on by overstimulation and stress of his nuero-transmitters. Oh! Wait! I forgot, he doesn't have those, (allegedly)...forget it!

2. No-Tubes: Not Stan's either. I mean, we are running out of tubes! This week coming up is gonna be hard if we don't get some, fast! Weird!

3. Touring bike guy: I spent over a year, off and on, talking to this young guy about buying a touring bike. I give him tons of info, and he even sends his buddy in, who buys a bike from us, and then.......He goes and buys his rig somewhere else! It didn't matter to me where he bought his bike, but I know he couldn't have without the knowledge he got from me! Thanks, Buddy! Guess that's how it goes, these days! At least his bike is a cool color. Sage green '06 Trek 520.....nice!

4.Discovery Channel Team- a no-show! Strategy, or is the jig up for Lance? I'm votin' for the conspiracy theory. These guys running the show at the Discovery Team are well known for bluffing and crafty strategies. This team has been sittin' back on it's heels ever since the team time trial, and I don't believe for a second that the whole team, sans Lance, has developed a sudden case of suck at the same time. This is too finely crafted a machine for that! Look for a dramatic turn about in the days to come!

M'kay, that's a-nuff fer now, I feel mo-betta! Thanks fer readin'!


dirtram said...

when the ladies tell him to jump, Leans asks how high. have fun managing the zoo.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Sheeee-ite! I forgot the dirt-in-a-bag. Might be able to scape some dust off the frame.
[shrug shoulders]

MunkieFast said...

I don't think Zord could have made it too far on his vacation. If yo look close, you can see he forgot his cane.