Saturday, July 16, 2005


1. HOT! Mowed the lawn, and rested today. I am playing in the church band this weekend, which is always a big energy drainer. You wouldn't believe how much energy you use playing two practices and four music sets in a weekend! Well, maybe you would, if you are a musician.

2. My daughter is returning after a week spent with her Grandma. We also are celebrating my son's second birthday on Sunday. Going to be too busy to get a bike ride in probably!

3. Trans Iowa suggestions are coming in slowly. I already am getting gas for wanting to make it harder! Well, too bad! I don't really see the logic in such complaints anyway. Got some good advice from frame builder Matt Chester. He said to keep it on the down-low, under the radar, and all that. Punk rock bike race for hardcores. Sounds good!

4. Sweating the decision about which bike to ride on the Thursday leg of ragbrai that I'm going on. Stupid! I've got way too many bikes- obviously! The "brain dead" option is the steel Trek 420. 28mm Conti tires and I'd be off. Should do it.

5. The Scwhinn High Sierra project is painted, and decal design is done. Gotta get the decals done up next. I was going to single speed this bike, but now I'm not so sure. I picked up an old skool XT rear derailluer that was pretty scuffed. I am highly modifying it for use on this bike, probably. I got some On-One Midge drops procured-finally! Those are destined for this bike, eventually. Only after they do a tour of duty on the Karate Monkee! Got the all important roller cam brakes all polished up purty for this one, as well. Pics should be coming!

6. I picked up a set of Super Record sew-up wheels recently. I probably will only be using the hubs for a future Campy-ization of my Schwinn Voyaguer touring bike. That'll be awhile though. I just couldn't pass up these hubs, they came way cheap!

7. Shout out again to "The Chad" on his recent marriage! Congratulations, my friend! I hope your getting all settled in with your new bride.

8. The Tour. Tomorrow is D-Day for anyone that wants to unseat "The Lance" from his tour lead. The GC contenders cannot time trial with the exception of der kaiser, and he ain't within striking distance.......yet! Tomorrow is the day, and the only day left that Lance can lose the Tour with the possible exception of a freak accident. And guess what? I won't see it! Oh well! I'm sure you cycling freaks will all be glued to the media of choice, cuppa java in hand, sweatin' it all out. Enjoy it! Next year, we will probably not be as interested. Such is the power of Lance!


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