Monday, July 25, 2005

Remembering The End of Another Era

I remember back in the early nineties when America's best cyclist, Greg Lemond hung up his cleats for the last time. I wondered if we would ever witness another American cyclist as dominant as Greg was. I remember a very young Texan, Lance Armstrong, who would show occaisional dominance on the U.S. cycling scene, only to fizzle at Le Tour. Hah! I was just getting back into cycling, and I addmittedly knew little about pro cycling. I didn't realize that you just didn't up and win that race- the Tour. So, I was thinking, would we ever see another American up on that podium? I guess he answered that question!

Now we are asking that same question. We are wondering, will we ever witness anything like this again? Perhaps. I just wonder, will the American people accept anything less? I hope so. I'm doubtful anyone will display such a dominance as Lance has in my lifetime. However, I am sure we will see another American do very well in France in July. It's a streaky race, that Tour de France. Consider; in the last 36 years, five men have won that race 25 times. (Merkx-5, Hinault-5, LeMond-3, Indurain-5, Armstrong-7) So, if another American gets there, there is a strong possibility he will win more than one tour- at least I think so.

Whatever happens, this has been a time marker in our lives, especially for sporting fans, and intimately so for us cyclists. I enjoyed the ride. I hope you all did too!

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