Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Somewhere in a Shop Near You!

Mr 24 demonstrating the debilitating effects too many silly questions from customers.
Guitar Ted Productions

Ever wonder what it might be like to work in a bicycle shop? The sheer amount of cycling goodness that we get to immerse ourselves in on a daily basis is pretty awesome. However; we get the seamy underside of retail life, as well. The mind numbing questions, the failed logic, and the department store bikes! Those are the worst! Yeah, we get in on some pretty cool stuff, but nobody wants to talk about the bicycle shop's dirty little secret. It's called "mind suck", or cranial micro-cellular reversal. A condition most often suffered by retail service people at the hands of fools. It's not really a severe ailment so much as it's a pain in the neck, or slightly above there! Jeff was smitten by an attack of this malady just today. The above picture is an illustration for identification purposes, so that you might recognize one of the more visual side effects of "mind suck". If you see a service person, salesman, or employee of a retail outlet in this condition, accompanied by a slow babbling gurgle from the mouth, please feel free to give them a swift kick in the junk! This might just bring them back to reality! Either that, or you might recieve a similarly applied pressure to the groin! I really need to say that the above is all in jest? Well, as I always say, never underestimate the stupidity of mankind! Sometimes people make me so crazy, I see cross-eyed!

1 comment:

Carl Buchanan said...

AHHHHH!! Geez don't dp that so early in the day. Scared me to death.

just kidding buddy!