Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Hot" Topics of the Day

Well, against my own advice to you all, I went out for a ride at 12:30pm. today. Yeah, it was hot, but I was ready! I figured that since riding in the heat was one of my weak points that I should work on that. Thanks to ELETE and Mr. 24, (The areas de-facto nutritional expert) I set myself up with two large water bottles that were spiked with the single serving ELETE samples. One in each bottle. I also mixed in some Powerbar drink mix in one of the bottles. Okay, now for the wierd part! I had these two almost empty pouches of the single serve ELETE. I sucked 'em both dry right before I left! Straight up, pure ELETE. Yummm! Salty!

It worked out great! I attacked a 25 mile loop that I do that is punctuated with several short, steep climbs. The kind that hurt the legs and make my head go ker-thump! Well, not today! I really felt good on the bike. I'm sure it was the ELETE product that Mr. 24 is pimping. See him for more details. His words are golden, ya know.

Check out the picture below. That hill is known by the old timers as Sheep Barn Hill. Some younger folks may remember the hill where the old waterpark used to be by Evansdale. Whatever you call it, this thing is a wall! It really kicks skyward about halfway up. I think you gain about a 100 feet in about a half a city block. It hurts! Check it out sometime if your in the area on your bike. The really tough part is that you don't get much of a run up because you usually have to stop to cross old highway 20 right at the base of the hill. Fun times!

The rail yard picture was taken in Waterloo. Any guesses as to where I took that picture? Give it a try, you locals! Anyway, have a safe weekend! Congrats to Lance! Are you ready to embark on the post-Lance era? Starts tomorrow at about 2pm. CST. Good Luck! Good Journey!

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Jeff Kerkove said...

You drank ELETE plain!? Are you insane? Why don't you drink a glass of the Pacific Ocean. Freak.