Monday, July 18, 2005

This could be very, very good! Part II

Another 29 inch wheeled frameset is coming our way! Yippee! Those dudes at Kona are getting it right with the up-coming Unit 2-9. This baby has got it all! Triple butted CrMo frame, sliding dropouts, (Really good idea that allows the tensioning of a single speed chain, the use of disc brakes, and quick release rear wheels) also featuring full braze ons for gearie duty, an optional driveside sliding dropout with the integrated derailluer hangar, and all painted up in a metallic sage green! Price will be $425.00, which is crazy! A Project Two rigid CrMo fork will be made available later for an extra $50.00. Available at your Kona Dealer in October. (Dang! wish Europa was one!)

Extra added FLUFF for your reading pleasure!

1. WAY BUSY today at the shop! Crazy ragbrai riders! Wait till the last minute to buy/ fix their stuff! Well, it is good for business, I'll say that! Drives me kinda nuts! It'll all be over really soon, and before I know it, it'll be slow again! Must be crazy to ride a bike after ragbrai, I guess. Color me crazy then!

2. Somebody musta made Mr. 24 really mad! I saw his notes at the meeting today! That somebody then went and bought Jeff some new tools, as a sort of peace offering, I guess. I can't really say who this somebody is, or what it is this somebody leans on, but Mr. 24 knows!

3. I got some more suggestions for Trans Iowa '06. They were really good ones from a highly respected source! There will be changes based on this guys ideas. Very good! Keep it tuned to these pages for a future update!

4. Carlos the Jackal has a rather intriguing situation brewing up at the Scout Camp. Veddy inta-restink! I feel for him! It is a bad situation! But Carlos will pull through it! See his blog, maybe he'll divulge!

5. Took the Schwinn commuter/ trailer towing rig to work today. Felt good to be back out on a bike again. I get all depressed when I can't ride my bike. You probably do too! So go ride then, already!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Sweet! New tools! Cool! Buddy?

MunkieFast said...

Last time I came down to Europa, Zord asked how my shop was doing. If he is still interested, let him know we had a $30,000 day today.!!!!