Monday, July 04, 2005

Red, White, and Blue

In a twisted way, here is my tribute to the good ol' 4th of July............

RED, Eric Dekker put in a He-man type effort at today's Tour stage #3, but came up just short! When you put out that many watts, you turn a nasty shade of red! Check out the story, and tech news on .

WHITE, Okay, anyone that knows who Bob Roll is, well.... you know that screwy, nutty weirdness is stuck on that dude! Check out his latest whack at . NOTE: I'll say it again....Be prepared for extreme, nutty, nudity, and weirdness! And don't forget to check out the trainers too!

BLUE, Waiting for the skies to turn that color! I am anticipating a ride, probably on the tarmac today. I get the urge when the Tour is on! Maybe I'll even break out the old Colnago......we'll see!

Okay! That's today's lame-o attempt at hee-you-more for ya! Hope you are enjoying your holiday, and don't forget the brave individuals that fought for our freedoms- both past and present- in your thoughts and prayers! Now, go ride your bike and think about that!

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