Friday, July 08, 2005

A Viking Fan in Cheeseland

Today Jeff leaves for a 12 hour race up near Green Bay WI. Just want to say "Good Luck", and hope he has an awesome race! Of course, this means I, Guitar Ted, will be sacrificing some weekend time down at the shop, but hey! Anything that helps Mr. 24 is cool with me! Just don't go disrespectin' my teams home turf, doode! Ha, ha!

Back on the home front, we will be very shorthanded today, tomorrow, and Sunday due to the departure of Leans on Wood for other territories. Mr. 24's abscence makes things even worse, but we'll soldier on, and things probably will get interestin', if ya know what I mean!

All in all, it will be good to have another nice, sunny weekend. Enjoy it! Summers on the wane. So, get out and ride! You can mow the lawn in September, I won't mind!

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dirtram said...

Carlos the Jackal showed up in La Crosse today. i am now planning my recon trip down to Europa.