Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The "Punk Rock" Choice for the "Rag" Stage

1989 Trek 420 This years model for the "Rag."
Guitar Ted Productions

Well, here it is in all it's low-tech glory! My Trek 420, True Temper CrMo framed sport touring rig. I capitulated and decided to forgo riding one of the two fine old Italian made steel racers I have in the "stable" here at the Guitar Ted Labratories. Following is the Three-one-one on the four-two-ohhh, ya'all.

This is a fine example of what happens to most bikes sold at bike shops. They get ridden maybe once, put in the garage, and then pased down, given away, sold at estate, or traded in for a new bike years later. This 420 had about 50 original miles on it, according to it's original owner, when it got traded in at Europa. I bought it for about a quarter of it's original sale price. Sure, it's old school. But with a name like "420", and being almost new, how could I resist? (By the way, I do not partake of the hippie lettuce, just in case yer wundrin') So, it's a pretty pristine, original example of a late 80's road rig.

Component highlights are as follows: Shimano Sport LX bio-pace chainring triple, brakes, levers, shifters, all Sport LX. I switched out the very suspect post for the rare, and beauitiful Avocet post, which features so much set-back I can position my derrierre in the next county. The saddle is an old umma-gumma grey Specialized Pro-long. Stock Trek tires. And, finally the old white bar vinyl was swapped out for this tape that was supposed to look like white carbon fiber. Instead, it looks like duct tape! Punk Rawk, doode!

So, that's the chosen rig for the stage of "that ride" next week that I'm doing. I'm going to have a rousing report from the field for ya'all, so be on the look-0ut. Bonus: This years edition features "service times", which for all intents and purposes indicates the shut down time for each pass thru town. The route "services" will only be available from 6am.-6pm., which should work out really well for the bar-to-bar crowd!

Hot enough for you? Just wait till Saturday, when the forcast high is close to 100 degrees! That'll be pretty neat along with the humidity, should get that index reading upwards of 120. Drink water, take it easy! Don't need you to go a-dyin' on us! Ya hear?


Christopher Trottier said...

They don't make bikes like they used to.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Did you wrap your h'bar in duct tape? DORK!