Saturday, July 30, 2005

Impending Doom!

Just got word that the wise men at Trek have tried to slide a fast one under the radar, but they've been caught! Our buyer at work noticed that a short blurb buried down the list on the front page of Dexter,( Trek's dealer website) stated that for the Trek show, only TWO PEOPLE would be allowed admittance for free from each dealer. More than that would incur a $200.00 per head price tag! Yeah! I couldn't believe it either! It's true unfortunately. I guess unless a special disspensation is made, I'll be not going to the Trek Show this year! If your reading this, and your planning on going to the Trek dealer only show, you'd better let your boss or manager know about this, as virtually no advance warning was given by Trek. It wasn't on the registration form, and it wasn't communicated to us by our rep, although he confirmed it when our buyer called him on it. Huge Bummer!

On other notes: Locals take notice! August 28th there is another XC event being planned at Camp Ingawanis. If you haven't ridden here, you need to go! It's very good terrain for a fun XC race! If you have ridden there, you know what I'm talking about.

Wonder how Jeff is doing at 24hr of 9mile?

I've got my "new" set up on the Karate Monkee. Still dialing in the details, pics soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

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JG said...

Hey GT,

Quick wrench question... I recently put a new chain on my mtb, along with the necessary new middle chainring. I'm still getting some slippage - chain length is correct, I'm sure. Any thoughts? Thanks!