Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday News And Views

Crap Weather: Winter.....what are ya gonna do? I think I speak for several folks here when I say let's either have some real snow and lots of it or let's have none. This wet, icy, and dangerous crap on the streets and trails is no good. And how about that fog? I guess that Rudolph story might have some credence after all, eh?

Plan Your Season: Crap weather? Don't know what to do? Here ya go! This will take you to the U.S.A.C. Endurance Racing schedule. Lots of great looking events there including Wausau 24 Nats. Check that out. Then there is the National Ultra Endurance Series of events of which The Fools Gold 100 and Festival is part of. They are even having a SouthEast 29"er Meet Up in conjunction with this gig. Sounds pretty cool to me. Late Update: I found a post on 55nine's blog that lists the whole 2008 NUE series. Thanks to 55nine for the info.

Cross Iowa On Gravel: Nope, not Trans Iowa, (we used to be point to point!), no this is something different. Paul Jacobsen, a Trans Iowa vet and gravel junkie has proposed a ride in March of '08 that will traverse Iowa from north to south on "mostly gravel roads". Check it out here if you are interested. It is not a race, but just a fun group ride. Could be a good percursor to your Trans Iowa attempt, I suppose.

Happy Holidays: I'm thinking many of you will be gone traveling, visiting relatives, and otherwise just busy over the next week. Be careful, be safe! I'll be here scribin' through the duration, so if you want to check it out, there will be something here. I'm not making any promises though on whether or not it'll be good! For those of you that will be away, See ya down the trail!

Have a great weekend! Ride yer bicycle if ya can! Happy Holidays to all!

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