Saturday, December 01, 2007

Messy Weather

<==Something new this way rolls. The Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29"er is here.

It's sort of like sand on my sidewalk. Cold, slippery, white sand. I suppose you could call it sleet, but whatever it is it sucks for riding. Although I know some guys that did go out today.

I wasn't one of them. I stayed indoors today and tackled a few chores. Some things I needed to give attention to. The thing is, a Saturday with out riding is not natural for me, so I felt confined and restless all day. I did take some time out to play guitar at insanely loud volumes while the family was out to a movie, so that was a little fun during an otherwise dreary day.

Well, Captain Bob at least had some fun. He got to test out the new Schwalbe Racing Ralph today. I'll be posting more on it later, but there seems to be an issue with the width of it. Not as wide as we expected. Hmm........

Tomorrow is supposed to be wicked windy and I suppose this crap on the trails will be turning to a sheet of ice within the next few days. That'll put the kabosh on any testing for awhile. Maybe we'll get some warmer temps and it will clear up soon, who knows.

In the meantime be carefull out there folks.

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