Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend News And Views

Gonna Get Cold!: I was entertaining thoughts of doing a New Years Day ride, but with the forcast temps to be less than 10 degrees here and winds of up to 30mph.......I say no. I went for a New Years Day gravel grinder last January and promptly got sick for a month and a half. I'm not interested in that again. Probably take a ride to nowhere instead. I'm hoping the long range forecast is correct, because it says we'll be in the upper 30's again by next week and that we may possibly break 40 degrees. That would be fantastic, especially if we could sustain some above freezing temps to thaw out the gravel and get the Trans Iowa recon done.

About That T.I.V4.... I got my first notice of a drop............from the waiting list. Ha ha! Sorry if you were expecting a drop from the roster, well it is a bit early yet, but I bet I'll see some here and there soon enough. I'll keep ya'all informed of what is going on with that. I have gotten about an add a week to the waiting list since registration has closed back in late November. Volunteers are also being lined up now. I have at least three solid commitments and a possible fourth. I am thinking that we need at least a minimum of six bodies and eight would be even better. If you are interested, you can click the e-mail link in the right sidebar here or on the T.I.V4 website. We'll be needing these volunteers to run the checkpoints of which there will be at least three of along the course. I'll be posting details of how that will work and where they will be after the recon.

The Numbers Are Down: With all of this hi-tech stuff you can get these web trackers and keep track of your stats on things like this blog. It seems that the cyclists must be in hibernation or eating tons of Christmas candy and feeling guilty about it, because the stat numbers are down lately. Even seems to have fallen asleep lately. Gotta love it when the most exciting thread on the 29"er board is about punctuation! Well, I'm doing my best with it and I have been posting a Top Ten 29"er Products List of 2007 over at Twenty Nine Inches. I don't mean to brag, but it's gotta be better reading than at least 80% of the threads on that 29"er forum right about now!

So, What's Next? Well, besides T.I.V4 recon, and some planning for the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo in June, the next big deal 'round these parts is Frost Bike, the annual dealer only show put on by QBP. It used to be called an "open house" event, but that doesn't begin to touch on what it has become. It is definitely a mini-trade show and dealer meet-up. Lots of stuff to see and folks to talk to. It takes place in about a month and a half and I'll be there once again as a reporter for Twenty Nine Inches. (Why we haven't shortened that to T.N.I. yet I have no idea.) I have been informed that I will be busy, so that is definitely something to look forward to. I have got to be there on Friday night this time, so a two night stay will be happening. Woot woot! Maybe I'll pitch a four season tent on the QBP grounds and invite Dave Gray to sleep over with me. I know he'd be down for that, except he would want to use his tee pee!

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