Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Under Construction

Since the day tomorrow will be filled with me taking care of and overseeing things having to do with getting replacement windows put in my house, I am blogging tonight for your reading pleasure.

The weather has turned out to be calm for now, thankfully. Hoping that a forecast trend towards warmer temperatures actually happens so that maybe I can get out on some trails again. Otherwise I'll be XC skiing and gravel grinding for the foreseeable future. Of course, with Christmas coming and birthdays in the house on tap, I am not looking to get much bicycle stuff done anyway!

<====From Tennessee with love. Thanks guys!

In the interest of full disclosure, I recieved this jersey today from somebody that is entered into Trans Iowa V4. Now I must say that I'm not sure this came to influence me in any way, not that it could, of course. is awfully nice. Wool jersey and nice socks from a killer micro-brewery/cycling hits me pretty close to home, ' know......I like beer and wool jerseys............alot!

Not that I could be influenced or's probably just a way to say "thanks" for doing Trans Iowa, ya know. I wouldn't read anything into it..............

And now for some actual 29"er news................

I got a headset for the Badger, a Chris King silver one, that is. This got me to sling the wheels on it with the rotors and tires mounted. I also have the Thomson seat post and stem installed. The steer tube will only need minimal trimming. I also mounted the Origin 8 Gary Bar and the Tektro linear pull drop bar levers on it. The amazing work of Rob Pennell was spot on for the use of a drop bar. He told me I'd only need a "standard 100mm stem and a 20mm spacer", and he was dead on. Very cool!

Sorry, no pics until its done! And that'll be awhile. I still need cranks, maybe a front derailluer, gotta find the shifters, and disc brakes yet. So, like I said before, it's winter, I'm poor, and yeah......I just spent a wad of money on windows!

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