Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

Badger Update: I recently picked up a Chris King headset for the Badger project that has been in the doldrums due to lack of fundage. This should allow me to at least assemble it into a rolling chassis and give me some motivation to get going on it through out the winter. I have identified a reasonable crankset to purchase for it which may allow me to utilize a bottom bracket I already have. Shifters are already here, derailluers that should work, and the other bits and pieces are mostly already in hand. It's looking as though this might get done sooner than later. The next big purchase besides the crank will be the brakes. I'm sticking with the tried and true Avid BB-7's.

Too Cold To Ride?: Well, I decided that at single digit temps it would be rediculous to try to go out and test bikes. Besides the ground conditions are not exactly what you would call "normal riding conditions" for many folks out there. Of course I could ride gravel or just bomb around town a bit. So that may happen. But testing stuff for Twenty Nine Inches is on hold until the weather breaks.

Busy Schedule: It probably is a good thing I can't really test anyway. I have two birthdays next week and then Christmas after that with an anniversary on January 2nd. Kind of cuts into the riding times out in the dirt anyway........if you could ride in the dirt! Maybe this winter will break early and we'll be out and about sooner than last year when the last half of January, all of February, and a lot of March was a washout for riding. Then again it could be a long, snowy slog filled with XC skiing. Hmm.......maybe some snow shoe action?(I shouldn't get my hopes too high!) Maybe I'll wish I had some super wide rimmed single speed wheels and fat, fat tires for snow biking. Who knows?

And now introducing............A new blog link! Check out this blog about a tour from Alaska to the U.S.A. in a time that seems very far away, but wasn't all that long ago. It's written by a friend of mine and should be a great ride. Check it out here! Of course, the link is at the right side of this page anytime you come back.

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