Sunday, December 09, 2007

Whaddya Do With It?

<===Raging the local snow sledding hill on a borrowed sled belonging to my kids.
Well, we got a little more of the white stuff here and it isn't the greatest stuff to ride a bike on. Add to that the fact that my kids were going stir crazy being cooped up inside and you have this today. An adult sliding down a snow covered hill!
A lot of the other adults there were smiling and wagging their heads at me. Hrummph! Too bad they think it's beneath them to have some fun. Whatever, I am not about to stop having a good time. Even if it means I have to do it by using my kids sled to slide down a hill. Hey! I thought it was a blast and the kids thought I was cool because I could go further than any of them. Ha ha!
One guy kind of got it though, I think. He said to me, "Your wife is going to have a hard time getting you back in the car, isn't she?" Yeah, well I was having some fun, but the kids don't last as long as I do, so I had to pack it in and come home.
Sledding, skiing, or even some winter time two wheeling- whatever you can do- do it and have some fun!

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